Photo: Adam Tow




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Lo-rise (6") carpeted lounge stage. 9' deep x 16' 10" across.   Back wall covered in tile, extremely 'live'



MIXER: Mackie SR244 VLZ pro, 15 channels available

EFFECTS (reverb)   2x Alesis Microverbs

                       (echo)  ART 1024 Digital Delay 


1X 4-CH Behringer MDX4600 MultiCom Pro-XL  (inserted on Vocals 1-4)

1x DBX 163x compressor (inserted on Bass)

1x FOSTEX MODEL 3070 Stereo compressor ( inserted on  groups 3+4)

1x Alesis 3630 stereo compressor ( inserted main L&R output bus )


FOH 1x DBX 2231 dual 31 band EQ/limiter interactive  graphic EQ

monitors:  1x Behringer FBQ6200 dual 31 band  graphic EQ


PA: 5.5K Custom stereo (partial) QUORUM PA system. 2650w a side.

Rane MOJO (analog)   2-way active stereo crossover (w/Sub out) 

highs crossed over@2Khz. Sub LPF set @ 100Hz

2xRane A22 (analog) 3-way active stereo crossovers @128hz,500K & 3.6Khz



Hi-HighsMackie M800 (HPF set @6.4khx)@ 12ohms (Community 2" HIs + 2x Bose 4" drivers)

Highs: Peavey CS800s @ 4ohms (JBL 2412 tweeters)

Mids: Carver PM1. 5 @ 12ohms (CommunityM200s, mids + Tannoy 10" concentrics)

Lows:  Crown CE2000 stereo @ 4ohms ( JBL TRs)

Subs: 2x Mackie i1400s mono bridged @ 4ohm (LPF set @60Hz)


Monitors:  Vocals: Crown CE2000  4ohm ( 2x Kenwood 12" Drivers)

                      IDM 3000  8ohm  dual mono ( Kenwood Mid & Hi drivers)

   Back-fill: QSC   RMX1850 HD 8ohm dual mono ( back-fill 15" Drivers)



highs/lows: 4x JBL TR125 cabs

highs/mids: 2x CommunityTFR64s horn assemblies augmented with 2x4" Bose drivers (HIs) & single 6" Tannoy driver (MIDS)

Subs: 2x JBL SR4719A cabs w/ 2x Eminence Kilomax 18" each


MONITORS: Aux 1 vocal monitor feed into two  ceiling mounted Kenwood  wedges.  Aux 2 drum monitor feed into  two 15" back-fill cabinets. 1200 Watts available. 4x 15" drivers tweeters


The StorkClub uses

drum mics!



MICS: 4x Shure SM58 vocal mics,   2x Equation Audio DMI.1025 amp mics  3x Equation Audio Drum Mics. 3x Audix f-10 Tom mics

1x Audix f12 Bass cab mic 1x Audix OM-2 snare mic  3x Samson stage mics

3x Rapco direct boxes, 2x Radio ShackXLR/1/4"  adaptors, 

up to four direct ( balanced) TRS 1/4" -XLRm cables available for 4v.line level feeds from balanced mixers/ computer interfaces




 2x Technics turnables  & radio shack mixer

There is a mobile DJ cart, roughly 8' distance from mixer patch bay,  No local monitor.  please remember to bring your own 12' (recommended) RCA to " jack cables & your own headphones. 


there is also a video projector available for performers who wish to use projections during their set or have a video DJ on their crew. the projector is mounted in the ceiling  at center stage and projects on a 12' x 8' screen on the back stage wall. the projector accepts both standard A/V (RCA) & VGA connections. both types of cables are run to a convenient location in front of the sound booth for laptops & video devices.


The Stork Club welcomes bands who wish to document their sets and the sound staff is trained to provide sound desk feeds to video cameras & other devices


mics below are only for documentation mix feed

2x  Audix condenser stage mics hung on ceiling. ( stage noise)

2x  Audix condenser room mics hung on ceiling. (crowd noise)


 there is also a PC for recording bands  and your set can be burned onto an audio CD. ( please bring CD-R  media if you can)  No recording fees will be charged by house sound staff. Although, tips are gratefully appreciated. For any other questions please e-mail Xtian (Sound Crew Administrator) & he'll help you out.



There is a LIT merch table  in back where the bands stash their gear with a light and a larger table next to the bar available for bands to sell their merchandise.