Welcome to the Garage folks!

Here's the world all the great bands of Oakland and many, many touring acts have helped

me create. it wouldn't have happened without the music!

This all started years ago when I started doing live sound and making up CD packages

for the shows I recorded to give to the bands.  later, when the Stork Club website got

going, I started making flyers to help with publicity.  Having grown up in the SF Bay Area

in the 'seventies, I was powerfully influenced by all the cool rock poster art and

 underground comix that taught me what art can really do outside the confines of

 galleries... unchained from mass market media & advertising.   The energy of those

 flyers & cover art that Raymond Pettybone, Coop, Winston Smith (and thousands of

 unknown xerox paste-up hacks) did in the'80s &'90s was missing... especially with the

 amazing talent in Oakland and the bands that it attracts, so I got my crayons out and

 started copying the style of those great posters...say what you want about originality,

it's Fun!...get's people to show up at gigs, and launched me down this road! 

sometimes, I'll see an old poster up at a band's house during an afterparty!

So, here's a little collection of images, a weird stew of Kustom Kulture, Fetish and Comic Illustration, occasionally with design notes ( look for the <>) some things are for sale

 ( thanks to Joann RAWKmom & Maus for making the large screen prints) 

Maybe you got a show coming up that needs a flyer, or some art for your CD, merch  or

 your website. I'd be more than happy to draw up something especially for you.

 (check out the services section) the prices are  pretty reasonable

So, have a wander and feel free to drop me an email if ya got any questions.

Rawk on!